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How to Keep the Kids Entertained in Geneva

Kid in Geneva

Geneva is one of the world’s most diverse cities, not least because it is the headquarters of the United Nations. With so many tourist attractions, including monuments, parks, and Swiss food galore, it’s no wonder why Geneva has started to climb the list of short-break holiday destinations, especially when it comes to families. If you’re traveling with the kids this summer, and you’re not looking to visit one of Europe’s usually tourist hubs, then Geneva is a great shout. It has plenty of entertainment to keep the kids happy, and a wealth of family adventures to experience along the way too! Let’s take a look at how to keep the kids happy in Geneva.

The Geneva Water Fountain – Jet d’Eau de Geneve
This is one of Geneva’s most iconic and popular attractions, and a crowd of tourists is never too far away when the water jets up into the sky! Originally, a simply valve to release the pressure along the line was installed here, however, the unexpected height of the jet instantly caught the eye of the city’s population, now making it the landmark of Geneva.

In 1886, a hydraulic power station was built in order to push pressured water to the city’s fountains and other water attractions. However, one evening, the pressure grew too great, and engineers installed a release to limit the amount of pressure influencing the pipes underground. The jet soon became a work of art, and it now pumps over 500 liters of water to over 150 meters in the air – and at 124 miles an hour!

The Treasures of the Old Town
There are so many treasures of Geneva’s Old Town that it’s hard to know where to start, however, they’re all great fun for the whole family! Not only are there huge varieties of art and design exhibitions, but the wealth of museums on offer is amazing. Simply walking through the Old Town will introduce you to Swiss culture, with artists lining the streets, from clay workers to musicians. The old Town is also home to the world famous Large Hadron Collider.

Book flights to Geneva here if you’re a science buff: not only is it the biggest particle accelerator in the world, but the ring – which is over 27km long – is located nearly 100 meters below the surface of the French and Geneva countryside. If you’re looking to get educated on the wonders of particle physics as well as the universe’s billions of wonders, then this is certainly the place to take the family.

Geneva’s Parks
When it comes to keeping the children entertained, there’s no better place to take them than one of the many magnificent parks of Geneva! The Swiss are very proud of their lush, open landscapes, and because the parks are directly funded by the government, they’re maintained to the highest of standards. From sand pits and traditional cafés to children’s football pitches and large ponds filled with ducks, there’s no doubt you’ll have a whale of a time touring the parks in Geneva, and many of them can be found near to each other too!