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Is Mexican Driver’s License Valid In The U.S.

Driver’s License

A current driving permit from your home country is required to drive in Mexico. However, if you want to live and drive in Mexico, you will ultimately need to get a Mexican driver’s license. After registering a vehicle in your name, remember that you only have a year to obtain a local license.

Prepare Your Paperwork

You will require proof of address as part of your application, if the property is not in your name but your partner’s, however, a marriage license will suffice. If the person is your friend or a partner – you must submit both a utility bill with their name on it, along with a letter from your friend or partner stating that this is also your address and can be used as proof of a Mexican utility bill, to the Instituto Nacional de Migración.

Submit Your Papers

Now that your documentation is prepared, you will need to deliver it to the Secretary de Seguridad Pblica office to be processed. 

The person at the front counter reception will see that you have all you need. Remember that everything will be done in Spanish from the minute you walk into the office until you pass the driving test so make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the language or take a translator with you.

Drive To The Hospital

You will next proceed to the medical facility. At the centre, they will ask for your personal information, like your birthday, blood type, and vision. Once the process is complete, you can head over to the testing station.

Attempt A Written Exam

The test consists of ten questions; to pass, you must correctly answer 8 out of 10.

Pass the test

The final step of the driving license process may require you to do a practical test after passing your written exam.

It’s vital to remember that your ability to parallel park a car with obstructions 1.5 meters in front of and behind it will be examined. If you navigate this successfully than congratulations are in order you’ve just passed your Mexican drivers license.

Is Mexican Driver’s License Valid In The U.S.?

This may be issued by the U.S. government or a foreign nation. Therefore, driving in the U.S. is permitted with a foreign license.

How Long Is A Foreign License Valid For Driving?

All travellers to the U.S. are permitted to drive for up to three months using a foreign driver’s license. It is only available in your own country. However, residents and short-term tourists get the IDP in various ways.

Although visas may be extended, the average duration is no more than six months. People who have obtained green cards are residents or permanent residents.

Temporary Visitors

You may accomplish this quickly by going to the motor vehicle department in your nation and making an IDP request.

Residents Or Foreign Nationals

For additional information on it, you should contact the state’s department of motor vehicles. This is good for a longer period of time and will let you drive in every U.S. state.

Age Requirement For Driving Is At Least 18 Years.

You must possess a current state-issued driver’s license, a foreign driver’s license, or a valid driving permit.