Antelope Canyon

East of Page, Arizona, in the heart of the American Southwest, is the natural beauty known as Antelope Canyon. Situated on Navajo land, this slot canyon is as scenic as it is special to the Navajo Nation. It took hundreds of years of natural forces and erosion to carve out what is today a popular tourist attraction. Drawing in over four million visitors annually, the landscape and vistas the canyon has to offer is an absolute must-see. While most people opt for Antelope Canyon tours to see either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon, there is a lesser-known yet equally beautiful area to explore known as Secret Canyon.

What is Secret Antelope Canyon?

The whole of the region boasts hundreds, if not thousands of slot canyons. These natural beauties are famous for their picturesque red rock formations, which were formed by the slow and steady erosion of the Navajo sandstone, mainly due to flash floods and heavy winds. Most of these canyons reside in protected Navajo land and cannot be accessed freely jednoręki bandyta.

Located near the famous Horseshoe Bend Canyon, a location made popular due to social media, Secret Antelope Canyon is part of the Lake Powell reservoir of the Colorado River. It straddles the border of both Arizona as well as Utah, with the majority of the lake situated in the latter.

Why should I go to Secret Canyon?

Secret Canyon is a hidden gem where you can enjoy this natural wonder without the crowds often encountered in the more popular areas. Avoid the flock of tourists and opt for a more intimate experience at the area’s best-kept secret. At different times of the day, the sunlight penetrates the slots and corridors casting the most brilliant shadows on the red clay, auburn tinted walls. The various lights and reflections make the canyon seem surreal and magical.

There is also plenty of wildlife to be seen in this desert terrain. Coyotes, bobcats, owls, hawks, and other species call this area home. Depending on the time of year you visit Secret Canyon, you will be faced with a variety of elements. Bring adequate sun protection such as a hat, sunblock, and scarf during the summer. Visitors can also expect snow in the winter and heavy rainfall on rare occasions.

How do I get to Secret Canyon?

Ready to plan your trip and be mesmerized by all the beauty Secret Canyon has to offer? Luckily, getting there is simple. With Antelope Canyon tours, you will be guided to this gem directly from Las Vegas. Daily departures in a luxury motor coach with a small group will take you from the Las Vegas Strip all the way to Page, Arizona. With a native Navajo tour guide by your side, you will have the opportunity to experience Secret Canyon where you can walk along the dream-like corridors.

This inclusive tour offers a memorable experience of the charming area. Take amazing photos and videos of the landscape, enjoy lunch with a small group, spot wildlife while going safely offroad on a 4×4, learn about Navajo history and culture, and last but not least, connect with nature.