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Three Of The Most Popular Attractions In All Of Orlando

Walt Disney World

Looking for a fun-filled, exciting, relaxing, and ultimately enjoyable getaway in the warm sunshine this year? If so then look no further than the state of Florida U.S. or more specifically, Orlando Florida. Orlando, Florida is famed for its attractions and its unbelievable theme parks and other tourist hotspots that make it one of the most visited destinations in the entire world. If you’re a thrill seeker then Orlando, Florida is most certainly the ideal destination for you, but even if you’re just looking for a relaxing and enjoy get-away for you and the whole family, with somewhere that the kids will absolutely love, it still ticks all of those boxes, and plenty more besides too. Here’s a look at just three of the most popular attractions in this fantastic area of the state.


Perhaps not the most obvious example on our list today but nevertheless, Gatorland is an old-time theme park that opened way back in the year 1949 and is still hugely popular to this day now. It is now currently a 110-acre natural habitat for crocodiles, snakes, alligators, and other exotic wild animals. Gatorland features live shows, live training, alligator wrestling, a train ride through gator infested swamps, and of course the animals themselves, all in their natural surroundings. It makes a change from your typical everyday zoo, but it’s one of the most enjoyed destinations in the state and comes highly recommended.

Walt Disney World

When you think of Orlando, or even when you think of Florida for that matter, Walt Disney World is arguably the first thought that pops into your head. This is considered the king of all theme park resorts and when you see it for yourself you will understand why almost instantaneously. It is massive beyond all comprehension and it actually features 4 entire theme parks in one! There’s Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood studios. As it’s so massive and so popular, it’s vital that you find the best Disney World ticket deals to ensure you get the best possible deal imaginable. There is so much to do there that navigating your way through the entire complex would require a small holiday in itself.


If you love the sea and you love theme parks, why not combine both? Well, at seaworld, somebody has, and the results speak for themselves. Seaworld is considered one of the top 10 most popular parks on the planet. It features adrenaline thrill rides, delicious food and drink, live shows featuring marine animals including seals, dolphins, and Shamu, the killer whale Seaworld mascot, aquariums, reefs, and much, much more on top of that. You even have the option of swimming with bottlenose dolphins, and the snorkel underwater with a selection of tropical fish and other marine life.