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Ways to Broaden Your Mind Whilst Traveling


If you want to do more than just sightsee while traveling, you’re going to need to start thinking differently. Booking an airline ticket, reserving a hotel room and playing in the waters of a foreign country might boost entertainment levels, but it probably won’t teach you much, and it definitely isn’t going to aid in broadening your mind. Instead, make plans to put your online RN to BSN degree pursuits on a very short hold while you immerse yourself in one of the many unique cultures that make up this world. Whether you choose to live amongst Tibetan monks or isolate yourself on the side of a mountain, you can easily broaden your mind by cutting out distractions.

Go on a Pilgrimage
Have you ever walked aimlessly, continuing on without a clear purpose yet felt mentally awakened by the time you reached your destination? If so, that is something akin to going on a pilgrimage. Many religious figures go on long treks, meeting new people and spreading the message of faith and love as they go, and you can take a cue from their teachings to help broaden your own mind. Some choose to go backpacking through Europe while others take pilgrimages to undiscovered lands. You may need to restrict internet access for yourself while you are on your pilgrimage to better enable you to keep your eyes on the prize, so plan accordingly if you are taking an online RN program or are enrolled in a distance learning course.

Learn From International Scholars
While you may surround yourself with intelligent people on an everyday basis, realize that there are scholars of all sorts throughout the world. Pick up a new skill by learning from the world’s masters while you have the opportunity. This may require you to study a new language or communicate in a different manner, but there is a plethora of ways to broaden your mind when you take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Take up a Humanitarian Cause
Many people don’t realize how fortunate they are until they visit another country that has limited resources. You can actually learn much about yourself, as well as the way that the world works, by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. While traveling, consider pursuing a humanitarian cause. This may entail working with a single village in an effort to get access to running water, or volunteering at an international children’s hospital. Once you see what challenges different types of people are able to overcome, your mind will inevitably be broadened.

Simplify Your Lifestyle
Sometimes you just need to dumb things down and live a simplified life in order to discover what’s important in life. Simplifying your lifestyle by living with only the bare essentials will give you some perspective. You may end up eating simple meals and spend your days reflecting on what your life is like back at home, but in the end your mind will sharpen and develop.

Undoubtedly, if you are taking up international travel, you feel that you have a purpose that is bigger than yourself. Learning about different types of people and cultures will aid you in broadening your mind, your horizons, and give you different perspectives on how people live within this vast planet. While the secrets of the universe may not be revealed on your travels, you will most certainly grow as a person.