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Great Vacation Ideas for People in Recovery


Sometimes a change of pace or changing up the scenery can help someone who is actively recovering from drug addiction to feel recharged, inspired and ready to go to the next step of the recovery progress. You may think that heading to a major city where the threat of relapse is stronger may not be the best idea, but if you believe that you are ready, this will be a wonderful way to test your resolve. In order to help maintain the lessons you have learned during the course of any substance abuse programs attended, use these tips to help you enjoy your vacation and start living as you did before without fear of hindering the progress that has been made.

Keeping Your Itinerary Jam Packed

When you go on vacation, you may want to just sit around and relax, but if you remember what you were told while in counseling for substance abuse, you know that idle time can be a terrible thing in your case. So keep busy and plan an adventure-filled vacation that has you sailing, surfing, climbing and running around until your energy is completely exhausted. You will feel fulfilled after a full day of adventure seeking and you won’t desire to think about anything besides having fun and looking for your next safe, thrill. Just be sure not to get addicted to dare seeking and become an adrenaline junkie.

Seeking Spiritual Uplift

For Catholics with a background in social work and substance abuse, going on a vacation to a place like the Vatican can be a spiritually and life altering event. Whether you have a particular faith that makes you curious about going to certain locations like Mecca or even Tibet, planning a faith-based vacation can be tremendously beneficial when you are working on recovering from substance abuse. Again, you should use this time to be reflective but try not to leave too much spare time in your schedule. Plan to visit the sites, stop for a bite to eat, and then go on to the next spiritually significant site on your list.

Going On Vacation with a Friend

Another excellent way for substance abusers to go on vacation worry-free is to take along a caring and responsible friend. You may want to choose someone who is also in recovery, but also significantly further along in the process so that you don’t have any opportunity to stray. Make sure that whomever you bring along is aware of your past issues with addiction, stay out of bars or any other place that might bring temptation, and plan to have a wholesome good time.

Everyone needs a break sometimes, and if you have been doing well in your recovery, you absolutely should reward yourself with an exciting vacation to a distant land. Even if you don’t have the resources you need to spend a week on Easter Island, you can shorten your trip or choose a similar setting that is slightly more affordable. As long as you are able to go somewhere that sounds appealing and will help you maintain your sobriety, a trip abroad can be rejuvenating for the soul.