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How to Make Sure That Your Vehicle Is Safe While You Are on Travel

Vehicle in the garage

Whether you’re going on a holiday, a long business trip, or leaving your car in parking for long periods of time ‒ you have to prepare accordingly. You might be asking, what could happen if you leave your car in an airport parking lot? Nothing will probably happen, but even a quick five minutes of preparation decreases the chance of being stuck in the airport parking lot when you’d rather be on your way home.

Disconnecting your battery
If you have experienced any power drain in your car during extended periods of inactivity and long-term parking, you know how it feels to go through parking hell. Batteries tend to go wrong if they aren’t used for long periods of time. This is true especially you’re leaving your car during winter months ‒ colder batteries get more trouble than warmer ones.

It does take a minute to disconnect your battery to avoid this kind of situation from ever happening to you.

Don’t leave your valuable items
During your absence, it’s ideal to bring everything in your car. Having valuable items inside can lure thieves to steal if they see something that can interest them. It also includes battery, tools, books, blankets, clothing, and other items. Don’t leave something inside the vehicle that can attract the wrong kinds of people.

Most of the time, it turns that thieves want to steal your car outright rather than break into it. In fact, some may take the stuff inside and dump the vehicle. That’s why visual cues are critical ‒ it can discourage a thief even it’s just for show. Simple things such as a steering wheel lock, or a blinking alarm system lock can make them move on to the next vehicle even if you don’t have these things activated.

Try Not to Rush
If you’re in a hurry to catch your flight, there is a good chance that you will miss something important in the car. In fact, you might forget locking your car doors. It might be an obvious thing to lock car doors, but you might be surprised that there are a lot of people who forget locking their vehicle, thus, causing the safety of their car to be compromised.

Top Off Your Fluids
If you’re planning long-term parking, make sure all your car’s fluids are topped off. It means that before arriving, you should have a full tank of gas. Also, having a full tank in your car after coming from your trip makes it more convenient especially if arrive jet-lagged, it makes you arrive at home a little more quickly.

You should also change your oil and top off its levels. Parking your car for extended periods of time can put extra pressure on your vehicle’s lubrication system. Old or low oil can cause havoc in your vehicle. Lastly, double check your wiper fluid. It might just be a minor concern, but you also have to prepare for inclement weather travel. It is important to make sure that you don’t encounter any issues when traveling home from your trip.

Make Sure That Your Tires are Well Inflated
Your car tires are the only parts of the car that touches the ground. Park it too long, and some of it will deflate with some parts rotting. Invisible weak points may develop, and if not properly inspected, it can be fatal. In fact, even the slowest leak tends to flatten a tire if you stay for extended periods of time.

Park Inside or in a Safe house
For long-term travel, getting a parking spot for your car is essential. Outdoor parking may be ideal for short-term summer parking. However, for long-term parking, getting an indoor spot is going to protect your car from weather-related impacts and is much safer for your vehicle.

Research ahead of time, and check on the internet to make advanced reservations. You can check for storage providers like this National Mini Storage vehicle storage where you can park your car safely for a long period of time and worry less because these facilities have security protocols and security cameras.

Look for a parking lot that has a close security monitoring and staffed by people 24/7. That way, you’ll know that your car is protected and in safe hands while you’re away for your trip. You’re confident that your vehicle is left in a well-guarded property and not exposed to thieves looking at your windows for something to steal.