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List of Advantageous Gadgets for Your Camping or Hiking

camping gadgets

Camping and hiking are two of the most fun activities that people undergo to take a break from their daily life. Both these activities can offer you a retreat to beat the stress of your work life. However, camping or hiking is not easy, and you need to take various gadgets that can help you and keep you safe on campsites. Let us check out these cool gadgets for camping and hiking.

GPS and Compass

Campers usually go to the mountains and hill stations for camping. Some places are unknown, and if you are visiting there for the first time, you are likely to forget the routes. Therefore, it is essential to take a compass and a GPS device with you to find the ways and directions. A GPS device may not show you any routes on mountains and forests but can show you the nearest landmarks and places. A compass helps you find the directions in hills and forests.

Power bank

Whatever gadgets you carry with you, they all need charging once their battery gets low. A power bank is a device that lets you charge multiple gadgets through a USB cable. Most gadgets now come with a USB c type connector. So, make sure to have a USB c cable to connect your devices to your power bank. Make sure to charge your power bank before leaving and at your campsites.

Solar Powered Lantern

It is essential to carry a lantern to light the area when you need to rest in the evening or night. However, the battery of a standard lamp may not last more than two days. A solar power lantern can help you light up your place where you halt on a campsite. You can use it inside and outside your tent in the night. You can charge the lantern for an entire day and use it for a few hours at night.

Water filter

The possibility of clean water on camping sites is very low. Therefore, it becomes essential to carry a portable water filter with you on every camping or hiking trip. A portable water filter allows you to take water from any pond, lake, or river and use it for drinking and cooking purposes.

Firestarter kit

Although you can carry matchboxes to light fires on camping sites, it may not work in wet conditions. A fire starter kit comes in handy when you need to light a fire at the campsites. The weather is not predictable on campsites. Now you can buy waterproof and stormproof fire starter kits that can light a fire even in the rains and winds.


A flashlight is a torch that lets you see in the dark in forests and hills. The camping and hiking sites are usually hilly areas, and they get dark sooner as compared to plains. Therefore, campers need a flashlight for visibility in the evening and night. You might have a lantern, but a flashlight can focus much farther to enable you to see up to 300 meters.

Survival Kit

A survival kit is one of the essential things that you need to carry on your camping trips. It consists of various survival tools like camping knife, tweezers, survival blanket, flat drivers, a fine edge knife, and hand saw to an emergency cord. You need all these things at various times on your camping or hiking trip.

These are some cool gadget for hiking and camping trips that campers should take on their journeys. Although there are many other things like cooking essentials, tent, tarp, clothing in layers, camping medical kit, etc. However, the gadgets in this post are highly useful for camping and hiking. Beginners should make a list of all such essentials before beginning packing for their trip.