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My Experiences in Sydney


Recently I went on amazing trip to Sydney. It was only a short part of the holiday as we then headed onwards, but this was a really special part of the trip because it is such an important destination. It is known worldwide as one of the biggest places to visit in Australia, and it’s definitely a must-have on the bucket list. Now that I have it crossed off finally, there is so much to talk about!

Being a Tourist

I have to admit to being a total loser tourist for just about the whole time! We went to see the Opera House, and of course took loads of photos of it to show off where we were. We also went to the Taronga Zoo where there are so many cute animals – I nearly died when I saw the koalas! We went on a wildlife tour there as well to get the most out of it, and it was really worthwhile. Then we also headed to Luna Park which is really crazy – it’s a restored 1930s theme park. I got scared by some of the clown faces that are just everywhere but it was all good fun!

Shopping Shopping Shopping

So of course we also hit the shops! It was never going to be any other way. I was really excited just to go in a few local boutiques and see what kind of things are on sale in another part of the world. I picked up a couple of new t-shirts which didn’t exactly break the bank, but I really wanted to have something to bring back from Sydney. I don’t like the normal tourist trap stuff so this was perfect for my kind of souvenir! I did also pick up a few bits and pieces for people back home, but I won’t write about them here as it might spoil the surprise.

Eating and Drinking

This was one of the big highlights as we found some really amazing places to eat. There was one called Tommy’s Beer Café, which wasn’t just a café but also a place to eat dinner. The food was all European style but we did try a couple of more local cuisine style restaurants as well! They were all pretty good, I always do a bit of research beforehand to make sure that we can find a place to eat that has good customer reviews and that pays off well. We also ended up going for a drink in a place called Old Growler – no idea how we found our way there as it was a bit hidden, but we got cocktails there and it felt just like being in a student bar. We went in because we were starving to try a burger and stayed for the rest of the night.

I finished off my trip with a Tasmania cruise which started in Sydney, you can see a little map of where I went here. This was a lot of fun and it allowed me to see another part of Australia too. It was the biggest part of the trip in terms of time, so I’ll have to cover that experience in another blog post!